Choosing the right IT infrastructure can have a significant impact on your business. Your IT infrastructure is generally made up of 3 components: hardware, software, and networking.

Finding the right mix of these can improve your business growth, productivity, security, and cost savings. It may also mean providing your company with a competitive edge among your industry.


Finding the Right Solutions

We start by assessing your current IT infrastructure and identify areas for improvement. From there, we help you plan and execute new technologies that will allow you to reach your business goals faster. Whether that is improving productivity, reducing costs, or providing peace of mind–we can help you get there.

Hardware Aquisition + Deployment

We understand the importance of having the right hardware resources for your organization. That’s why we offer comprehensive IT hardware acquisition and deployment services. Our team will help you:

    • Identify your hardware needs
    • Evaluate vendors
    • Purchase and install hardware
    • Configure it to work with your existing systems
    • Deploy it for use

We will make sure your hardware meets your computing and networking needs. And, that your IT infrastructure is always available, reliable, and working well.

Hardware Options

Renting + Leasing Equipment

We guide you through the process of renting or leasing equipment for your business. If you are flexible and looking to save money on the latest technology, renting or leasing may be best. Our experts can help pick the right infrastructure solution for you.

Purchasing Equipment

Buying and maintaining your equipment allows for more customization and control. Our experts can help decide if purchasing is right for you and will guide you in finding the right products.

Our Hardware Vendors

We only recommend hardware that we would use ourselves. That means you are never getting stuck with machines that are outdated or tempermental. We believe in making your life easier and headache free.


Maximizing Your Hardware

Planning and acquiring the hardware you need is only the beginning. SureTec helps you monitor and maintain your equipment to maximize your IT hardware lifespan. This give you the peace of mind of knowing that your network is always running at peak performance.

And when the time comes to finally retire your equipment, we help you replace and dispose of your old hardware.

Our 5 Star Service

No Waiting

We answer every call in 5 minutes or less.

No Escalations

Our Tier 3 IT specialists are equipped to handle every problem–big or small.

No Surprises

Our no contract, flat-fee managed IT support means less headache for you.