Cloud Services

Cloud services are a way of delivering computing resources and data over the internet. This allows users to access and manage their data and applications remotely.

The benefits of this include scalability, accessibility, cost savings, better disaster recovery and data security. Cloud services can help organizations of all sizes to be more agile, efficient, and cost-effective.


Finding the right solutions

With many options on the market, we help you find the best cloud service solutions to fit your business.

We start by assessing your business needs, evaluating security and compliance requirements, provide recommendations and a cost-benefit analysis. Our IT managed services also means you get monitoring and maintenance of your system and additional support and troubleshooting.

We guide you through cloud service feasibility, strategy, and implementation to ensure optimal performance.

Experts in Cloud Management


Making the switch

Cloud migration is the process of moving data from a company’s own equipment to a cloud-based system. We can easily migrate your data, applications, and digital operations to a cloud platform. Different platforms we work with include:

      • Google Cloud Platform
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
      • or, a private cloud

Email hosting

Cloud hosting provides your business with the ability to send and receive email messages without the need for an on-premise email server. Instead, email messages are stored and managed on servers in a cloud-based data center.

SureTec can help set up email hosting services. Popular email hosting services include:

      • Google’s G Suite
      • Microsoft Office 365
      • or, a private email server

These services often include additional features such as calendar, contacts, and task management. They also provide enterprise-grade security, compliance, and disaster recovery capabilities.


Continuous functionality

At SureTec, we offer comprehensive cloud management services. Our experts ensure cloud services are always available, secure and performing optimally. We monitor resource usage, manage access and permissions, set up security protocols and perform software updates.

With our services, you can enjoy increased scalability, cost savings and secure data. Partner with us today for expert cloud management and peace of mind!

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